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October 31st, 2016    

Episode 12 - Halloween


October 20th, 2016    

Episode 11 - Past Paranormal Experiences

In this episode, we decide to talk about what experiences some of us had and to why we investigate the paranormal. We would love to hear your comments and/or stories you may have had, please email us at Also if you would like to be on our show as a guest host or have a topic to discuss, please let us know as well. Hope you enjoy the show. If you would like to watch this episode, go to 


September 24th, 2016    

Episode 10 - Near Death Experience or Out of Body Experience

We would like to apologize to our loyal listeners as we had to take an unexpected hiatus. MPIR will once again start recording shows. Here is one that we've been talking about doing for a while. We also added video to this one as well... so if you want to check out our ugly mugs, we will be putting this on our You Tube channel.

As always thanks for listening and if you want to contact us, please email us If you did email us and we didn't back to you, we apologize as most of our mail was going to spam (I set the settings too high when I set it up.....sorry Patricia from NC, hope you're safe from the hurricane and contact us back)


April 3rd, 2016    

MPIR-Possible Paranormal Locations-E9

In this episode we discuss a few locations that could have paranormal activity. We pre-recorded an interview with one of our newest members, which gave us the idea for the topic of this show. During her interview she talks about what got her interested in the paranormal and some of the stories she has......goosebumps. She mentions  Aokigahara: Japan's Haunted Forest of Death and of course we had to find out about this place, we'll also discuss the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. After listening to this episode and if you know anything about these locations or you have stories of your own you would like to share, please contact us at

(On a side note I would personally like to thank all of our followers...we may butcher some of your tag names, but we really do appreciate you listening. Its because of you that our show is the success it is and why we love doing these shows....Rob) 


March 17th, 2016    

MPIR-Moon Conspiracy and The Dark Side-E8

Our latest episode was on a suggestion from a listener (thanks Scott). What's up with the moon and all the conspiracy about it? Once again we get way into our show, this episode has everything that Mike has been waiting to talk about (UFO and aliens). We hope you enjoy this one as much as the rest. As always if you have a suggestion or would like to be a part of the show, please contact us at Thank you to all of our followers!


March 1st, 2016    

MPIR-Various Paranormal Topics pt2-E7

Here is our 7th Episode as we continue our discussion from the last show. Mike brings in the topic of Crystal Skulls as we discuss several known skulls and what some of the paranormal mysteries are surrounding the skulls. As always we look forward to your comments and if you would like to be a guest you can reach us at


February 18th, 2016    

MPIR-Various Paranormal Topics-E6

In our 6th episode we decided for each of us to bring a different possible paranormal topic to discuss. We all were so in tune with the discussions that we did our longest show to date without even knowing. We talk about the EVP we played on the last show and played a new EVP at the end of the show for you to listen to. As always we would love to hear feedback or if you would like to be on the show as a guest, please send us an email at


February 12th, 2016    

MPIR-Group Dynamics-E5

Its been two weeks, but our 5th episode is here. We were asked how to form a group so we figured we'd talk about Group Dynamics. We also had an investigation this past weekend and may have a good EVP. Take a listen and see what you think. As always we would love to hear from you, any comments or questions can be sent to


January 30th, 2016    

MPIR-Paranormal Classifications-E4

Our 4th episode is finally here. In this show we take the suggestion from a listener and discuss the different classifications of paranormal. We talk about ghost/spirits, extraterrestrials and UFOs, extrasensory perception, and finally cryptozoology. Now during the show we do say we'll play some EVPs, but we got so into the show we forgot about them. However, I did add them in at the end of the show for you. So sit back and we hope you enjoy the this podcast. Please don't forget to send us an email at letting us know what you think or if you have any suggestions about a topic you would like to hear.


January 21st, 2016    


In our 3rd episode, we discuss how we approach a case with paranormal claims. We also share some of our favorite cases and some of our encounters. As always if you have any comments or would like to hear a certain topic discussed, please contact us at


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