Military Paranormal Investigations Radio

MPIR is dedicated to advancing our and the publics understanding of uncharacteristic and mysterious paranormal events and activity. MPI and MPIR is not affiliated to any branch of the military.

January 14th, 2016    


Here's our second radio show, we decided to do a show the same as we would do at one of our paranormal workshops. He's a brief overview of a Paranormal 101. We also used the advice from some of our listeners and made this an hour long show. We hope you enjoy the show! As always please contact us at with comments or suggestions about what you would like to hear.


January 8th, 2016    

MPIR first show-E1

This is our first show that gives a brief over view about Military Paranormal Investigations and what we're about. We know we have some tweaking to do, but hey you need to start somewhere. Hope you enjoy and give us some feedback at



January 8th, 2016    

Welcome to MPIR

Welcome to Military Paranormal Investigations Radio (MPIR). This is something we've been toying around for years. We were broadcasting on and talkshoe, but we want to be able to podcast as well.

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