E33- Fort Belknap, TX

With TX opening up in phases, we have been busy with the overload of work and haven't been able to record a podcast. That being said we were also able to get finally get out of town for a weekend and we came across a place to investigate. We decided to do a podcast on a piece of Texas history that we were given full access.

In this episode we talk with Jim Hammond, the Director of Fort Belknap and what this fort did for Texas. Yes, there are paranormal stories, but what really caught our attention was his passion for the history. It was a win-win for our team because the RECON was given to us. Listen to a great podcast filled with stories of the past, mysteries still on this fort, and the paranormal activity. Some things will blow your mind....

Want to be a part of the show, have a story to share, any questions for the team, or have a topic you want to hear? Contact us at podcast@militaryparanormal.com or through one of our links below. Hope you enjoy the show and let us know how our podcast from the field sounded.

Also because of the great interaction and your requests,once we get caught up we will get back to the weekly show. 

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Jim Hammond

Fort Belknap



Taken by Rob



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